Are you unable to fit our regular classes into your schedule? Interested in a class just with your friends? Have specific skills you’d like to improve? We can create customized belly dance classes just for you!

Private Lessons (for Individuals or Small Groups)

Already have some belly dance under your coin belt but want to take your skills to the next level? Do you have a particular area you’d like to work on more intensively? Is there a skill you’d want to work on in addition to your regular classes? Kristine provides highly individualized private lessons focused on helping you achieve your goals. This might include technique, personal practice strategies, improvisation skills, choreography development, performance skills, or something else you are thinking about. Prior to your lesson(s), Kristine will consult with you about your objectives and current abilities and develop a curriculum plan to ensure you get the most out of your class.


Private lessons are charged hourly. Base rates for one-time classes are listed below. Discounted rates are available for multiple lesson packages – please contact us for a quote!
1 hour lesson for 1 student: $70 (Four-class pack $220 – a 20% discount)
2 hour lesson for 1 student: $130
1 hour lesson for 2 students: $100 (Four class pack $320 – a 20% discount)
2 hour lesson for 2 students: $160


Kristine is an amazing instructor! I came away from my private lesson with a real grasp of the Tribal Fusion stylization. She is tough and driven, and so much fun to dance with!

I have been taking private lessons with Kristine over the past number of months. She is always solidly prepared for my lesson, though flexible enough to go in a different direction to meet my needs of the day. She listens to me, answers my questions clearly and shows me how to dance. I appreciate Kristine‚Äôs hands-on approach (e.g. she will hold my shoulders still to make an isolation work). I find this invaluable as it allows me to feel how to move in the right ways. I am comfortable learning one-on-one with Kristine. These lessons are so worthwhile and fun.

Private Group Classes

Smiling at classHave a group of friends, family, or colleagues that would like to get together on a weekly basis to learn belly dance? Kristine can arrange a class just for you that fits with your schedule and location. Just like her regular classes, they are fun and challenging – and a great bonding experience!

If you are beginners, we can start right from the basics! Do you have some belly dance experience already? Kristine will tailor your class based on your goals and interests, whether you want to refine your technique, learn a group choreography, or have something else in mind! We can arrange studio space or provide instruction in your home or workplace.


Private group classes are typically run in 4-8 week sessions to allow time for you to develop your new skills. For groups of 8 or more students, the cost is exactly the same as our regular sessions (e.g. $95 per person for a six-week session). Please contact us for a customized quote.

Group Workshops

For parties, bachelorettes, or other events we offer fun 1-hour workshops for groups. There’s more information over on our Workshop page.